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Data Security as Infrastructure

In recent times there has been an explosion in the field of electronic commerce and the use of information technology across business and government. Vendors have produced faster machines and better applications at an alarmingly fast rate. What hasn't kept up with this amazing innovation is the development of adequate security to protect the massive amounts of private and confidential information stored by large organisations.

The focus in data security in recent times has been twofold. Firstly there has been the development of technology to "protect the perimeter". This of course is implemented as a piece of infrastructure — the DMZ Layer. The DMZ consists of firewalls, routing and protocol standards, it is the first line of defence, a bit like the outside walls of a bank.

The second layer of defence is the LDAP layer which is also implemented as a piece of infrastructure. LDAP is all about functional constraints, single sign on and service availability. To continue with the bank analogy, LDAP is like the screens between the customer and the teller, it determines where you are allowed to be, once you're inside the building.

Whilst the DMZ and LDAP layers are working to a degree, there is a final layer of infrastructure required, and that is around the data itself. This layer needs to be independent of any applications that consume the data and able to lock down every row of information in the database. This final layer of security is as close to the data as you can get and effectively closes any back doors to the data. Think of it as the vault in the Bank. If someone left the door of the vault open at night and somebody walked in, they could help themselves to all the cash they liked. Without this final layer of infrastructure in place, organisations are effectively leaving the door of the vault open. Our patented solution to providing this layer of infrastructure is known as "Data Chamber'.

'Every bank in the world has a vault to secure its monetary assets. Every business needs to protect its information assets in the same way. Firewalls and LDAP are the perimeter defences. Data Chamber is the vault!"